Lockhart Mobile Home Park, Orlando Fl

Lockhart  is located in  Orlando , Florida. Below, we list the park owner, address, type of park, number of spaces, amenities and contact information. We also provide a list of all addresses located in this park.

Mobile home parks are extremely popular in Florida and are a wonderful place to call home. People are drawn to mhp's because you can have all the benefits of traditional homeownernership - without the burdens of maintenance, plus a variety of amenities. Mobile home park living is quickly becoming a top choice for our aging population and for good reason – there are many advantages of living in a mobile home park.

The greatest advantage of living in a mobile home park is cost. You get all the perks of homeownership without the added burden of maintainence and landscaping.

Mobile home parks used to have a negative stigma, but that can't be further from the truth. Most parks are beautifully maintained with resort amenities.

In Florida, the majority of mobile home parks are age restricted - most are 55 plus parks. This is ideal for seniors who may appreciate the quiet nature of the community and enjoy socializing with those in their own age bracket.

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Project Number: 48-54-01022

Legal Name: Lockhart Mhp

Phone: (407) 299-8595

Owner Name: 

First Name: Mary

Last Name: Isaacson

Owner Phone: (407) 293-3056

Owner Phone: (407) 293-3056

Mobile Home Spaces: 24

Migrant Spaces: 0

Lodge Spaces: 

RV Spaces: 

Tent Spaces: 

Water Supply: Community/Public Water System (off-site)

Sewer Type: Septic Tanks (other individual system)

Addresses in this Neighborhood

6721 N Orange Blossom Trl Lot 5, Orlando FL 32810Map this address
6721 N Orange Blossom Trl Lot 8, Orlando FL 32810Map this address