Selling a Mobile Home

When selling your mobile home, you should do some homework and get an idea what homes like yours have been selling for within the last 6 months (not the asking price, the sold price). You can get this information at your local government tax office. Price your home properly, not too high and not too low. The mistake most people make is to price the home on what they think they need to take out as a profit. Then your home just sits there with no buyers. Next, prepare the home for sale. Curb appeal is extremely essential. Approach your home and see what you can do to make it look more appealing from the street. Landscaping, window treatments, front door are all eye catching areas. Inside, make sure the home smells nice, particularly no animal smells. Carpets should be freshly cleaned, walls cleaned or freshly painted and bathrooms and kitchen should be spotless. Put in the brightest light bulbs your fixtures allow, people love bright, well lit homes. Lastly, no clutter. If you have too much furniture, put in a friend's garage or store it somewhere. People try to imagine how their furniture will fit in your home and will have a hard time if it is wall to wall clutter.

There are several variables that may impact your situation: